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Dr. Markus Wessel

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Anyone who is subject to a charge of public prosecution or a penalty notice is entitled to be defended by a Rechtsanwalt or a law teacher at a law school.

Accessory Charge

Victims of a certain kind of crimes (capital crimes and bodily injuries) or their immediate relatives have the right to be take accessory charges against the suspect, as soon as the suspect will be subject to a public prosecution and shall be represented by a Rechtsanwalt of their choice in the trial. In a certain number of such crimes the Rechtsanwalt shall be reimbursed by the state. The Rechtsanwalt has almost the same rights as the defense. By this victims or their immediate relatives can insure that proceedings are not only conducted by the public prosecutor but also by their layer.

Private Prosecution

In other cases the public prosecution might depend on private prosecution, this will be the case as far as the public prosecutor decides, that there is no especially public interest in putting forward a public charge. In these cases a victim may hire a Rechtsanwalt to put forward a private prosecution through a public prosecutor and is entitled to be represented by a lawyer during proceedings.

Summary Proceedings

A victim or heir of a victim has the right to file a claim of damages within criminal procedure and be represented by a Rechtsanwalt in summary proceedings. This saves costs of the victim or the heir, as putting forward civil claims will result in court fees to be paid in advance.

In matters mentioned afore I will represent you in court including preliminary proceedings

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