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Law of Contract

Working Contract, Purchase of Land or Flats , Sale Agreement, Landlord-Tenant Agreement

Not only a good merchant honor requires to fulfill a contract, but also the Law does (“pacta sunt servanda”). The better a contract is, the easier fulfillment will be for both parties. Whether it is a good contract, will become obvious once a contract is challenged, e. g. if and when a contract will end (out of reasons whatsoever).

Labour Law

Labour Law – Law of contract - employment contract – termination notice

Every fare well contains a new beginning. If you intend to terminate an employment contract, observation of formalities is important. There are contractually or legally set periods of time as well as specific requirements according to Protection Against Unfair Dismissal Act observation of which has a strong impact on effectiveness of a termination notice. In principle there is an obligation to issue a certificate of employment as there is an obligation to finally settle the employment financially including working holidays. I will help you as your lawyer to end an employment contract correctly regarding both sides and to draft a new employment contract.

As your lawyer I will see to these additionally. Should an extraordinary termination become necessary there will be more requirements to attend to.

Real Estate

You wish to purchase or sell real estate. In both cases I will as your lawyer draft your contract as well to buy or sell as the one you will conclude with a real estate agent. The contract has to be notarised in order to become effective. I will represent you in the session at the notary’s office.


You have real estate and keep landlord tenant agreements with your tenants. As your lawyer I will represent and advise you, if you wish to terminate a lease or start a new one.

Residential Property

You own residential property and are member of an apartment owner community. You wish to raise a certain topic at an assembly of this community or wish to have a certain topic handled appropriately. As your lawyer I will advise you on the formalities in order to protect your rights and I will represent you in the assembly, if necessary.

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